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Prognostic implications of a one-item health literacy screen on health status outcomes among heart failure patients with depression

American Heart Journal Plus: Cardiology Research and Practice  | October 2022

The Relationship Between Objectively Measured Step Count, Clinical Characteristics, and Quality of Life Among Depressed Patients Recently Hospitalized With Systolic Heart Failure

Psychosomatic Medicine | February 2022

Efficacy of Blended Collaborative Care for Patients With Heart Failure and Comorbid DepressionA Randomized Clinical Trial

JAMA Internal Medicine | August 2021

Perceptions of Need for Palliative Care in Recently Hospitalized Patients With Systolic Heart Failure

Journal of Pain and Symptom Management | June 2021

Blended Collaborative Care to Treat Heart Failure and Comorbid Depression: Rationale and Study Design of the Hopeful Heart Trial

Psychosomatic Medicine | July/August 2019

Press Coverage for Main Outcomes

KDKA: Rick Dayton Show


Recent Conference Presentations

Society of General Internal Medicine | Washington D.C. | May 8-11, 2019

American College of Cardiology Annual Meeting | New Orleans, Louisiana | March 16-18, 2019

Press Coverage from Dr. Rollman's presentation at #ACC19

Dr. Rollman was interviewed by Dr. Peter Block following his presentation to highlight his work. 

Hopeful Heart was selected as one of just 4 studies for the end of day summary video

Cardiology Consultant interviewed Dr. Rollman and released a podcast describing our preliminary results.


American Psychosomatic Society 2019 Annual Meeting |  Vancouver, British Columbia |  March 6-9, 2019 

Dr. Bruce Rollman (upper right) presents preliminary Hopeful Heart main outcomes data at the American Psychosomatic Society annual meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition to Dr. Rollman's presenation, Ms. Julia Holber (middle left), Dr. Chris Celano (bottom right), Dr. Bea Belnap (bottom right) and Ms. Zaneta Franklin (bottom left) also presented data from the Hopeful Heart Trial. Click here to see more about the 2019 APS meeting! 

News Briefings

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Pitt to study depression, heart failure connection

Pittsburgh Trib Live

University of Pittsburgh Researchers get $7.3M grant to study heart failure-depression link


Co-Treatment of Heart Failure and Depression Improves Quality of Life



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